Small business manufacturing is tough. You have increased competition from overseas, fluctuating raw material costs and larger competitors trying to take your customers. To  thrive, your business must be more agile and responsive, while always improving. MG|Computer knows manufacturing and help turn your technology into your competitive advantage.

  • Employee Productivity – Good chance one of your biggest costs is labor. Let us show you how technology can grow your business without growing your labor
  • ERP Systems – We are well versed on hosted and on premise ERP systems such as Epicor, Job Boss, and QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Automation Incorporation – Bigger, faster, stronger…automation can level the playing field with your largest competitors.  MG Computer can help you integrate that automation into your business processes with technology
  • Specialized Software – Each industry has specialized software and manufacturing is no different.  You can take advantage of our experience in managing programs like Solidworks, Autodesk, and Power Mill.
  • Compliance Management – With the ever changing compliance landscape, MG Computer can leverage your technology to satisfy your ISO, DFARS and CMMC  compliance requirements