Apple is starting to roll out iOS 14.5 and there is a welcome change!

The default will now be: NOT allow tracking by Apps.

Why is that import to me?

Well, we find many users have no idea that many  mobile phone Apps track their installs, their activity in the App, and what ads they click on.

Why do they do this?

To make money to be blunt.  Many want to sell ads and  knowing more about you allows them to sell more ads.  They are not going to come out to say this,  instead its usually veiled in the phrase " to provide a better user experience."

Case in point, Facebook is one of the loudest opponents.   They are also one of the largest data aggregators that turns all that information into targeted ads.  In 2020 alone, they sold $84.2 billion dollars in ads...not bad in a pandemic economy.

Facebook claims the new restrictions will hurt users and the small businesses that rely on those ads.

Yes..... Facebook is well known to be a very altruistic group.

However, there is not much Facebook can do in this case.   Instead, they will be prompting users with a pop up to accept into to tracking for "a better ads experience."  Hmmm...sounds familiar.

Linked In and Twitter stated they have not really relied on this type of data in the past so they will not be asking users to grant them access.

According to Apple,  we should see the new iOS update this spring (2021)


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