From the desk of Mattine Gallentine, CEO of MG|Computer

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

We have been leveraging our customers technology since 2000 and  I have few questions about you.

Do you stuggle to manage your  IT costs?

Are you looking for help to grow  your business?  

Would you like  to leverage your technology  so it makes money for you?

If you answered  yes to any of the above, the  below maybe one of the most important letters you read!   

As a business owner, you have clarity on your core business.  However, when it comes to technology, things are less clear.  Your techology costs vary widely month to month, sometimes having to spend a large amounts of money (not budgeted) just  to keep up with competitors, while your employees are frustrated with old technology. Meanwhile,  you are losing profits out  the door without even knowing it!  

Now imagine a new way of doing business:  

* You know your technology costs for the next 3 years

* You no longer have to deal with obsoleted hardware and software

* You have a new sources of leads for your business

* Your able to grow business without hiring more people    

* Your employee morale  goes up  and your business potential risen to a new  level

What will the above to your bottom line?   

We can help your business move in a new direction.  Call me at 630.605.5395 and  we can discuss your situation and how we can create new potential for your business.

Have a great day!

Mattine Gallentine